The Story of “FITT”

Figgies in the TARDIS started out as a whimsical Doctor Who fanfiction, penned by our dear admin and founder, Hannah.  The story centered around herself, as well as its the founding mothers, Emory and Grace, and eventually, me.  Who would have known that one story could have spawned such a great fanbase?

Try as I might, I cannot recall exactly how Hannah and I met online.  Had I come across one of her stories in my search for good Doctor Who fanfics on Figment, or had she perhaps come across one of mine?  For whatever reason, Hannah decided to pay homage not only to Emory and Grace, whom she had been role-playing with for quite some time, but me as well.  For that, I’m eternally grateful – being a part of this changed my life.
  Hannah’s stories were written in an endearingly innocent, humorous style, and as the plot Figgies in the TARDIS [originally called Figgies on a TARDIS] progressed, there were plenty of opportunities for her readers to put in their two cents.  She readily incorporated what we came up with into the story and never needed to prompt for suggestions.
  I’ll always remember this one scene, where Cece, my analogous character, who is also the Doctor’s companion — little ol’ me as the Doctor’s companion! — meets the infamous Captain Jack Harkness for the first time.  Hannah had just ended the first chapter with the suave ex-con entering the TARDIS, introducing himself to Cece in his classic style.Really, that scene could have gone two ways: Cece could have flirted back, or she could make it very clear she’s not interested in him.  In the advent of this plot development, I’d happened to comment that Jack is one of my least favorite characters.  The next chapter began something like this:
Jack: Captain Jack Harkness.  Who might you be?
Cece: Cece.  [I had not yet come up with her surname, Ryder.]  Now go away, freak.
  So established Cece’s rapport with Jack.  (To my horror, I sometimes wonder if, in an alternate timeline, Cece had actually flirted back! O.o)
  As the story kept chugging along, newcomers such as Skyfall, Athena “Death” Poodle became fans of the story.  Skylar’s first appearance in the FITT storyline was a cameo towards the end of the story, but her role became much more prominent when Hannah began writing the sequel story, FITT 2: Return of the Ponds.  Cece and “Skye” somehow evolved from ordinary, Jack-hating pranksters to lemonade sharpshooters extraordinaire!
  As our fanbase grew, I suggested to Hannah that we might benefit from starting a Figment group for Figgies in the TARDIS.  At first, we were a bit exclusive of outsiders, but we soon began allowing passage into the TARDIS to the public.  Our fangroup spawned a role-playing group, which prompted the arrival of the illustrious Emily Sizemore and, of course, the satirically humorous Intrepidation.  During this time, I also invited a girl named  Zee, a self-proclaimed “extreme Whovian,” to come along for the ride.  Not long afterwards, our group was also graced by the company of Celestine Foreman, Hailey Akkerman, Clare Marie, Micah Fyock, “ABBAFan456,” Kylie, and “Sherlock Holmes Junior”.
  Our group has evolved considerably since its start, but I will never forget the fun we had and hope we will continue to have as time marches on (the long way).

The Figgies, sans Sherlock Holmes Junior.

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