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Rant on Newbery Awards + Review: Moon Over Manifext

Usually, when I see a book with a Newbery medal, I’m skeptical of the contents.  Although Newbery medal or honor winners are said to be the “most distinguished [contributions] to American literature for children,” my own experience as a student who had to read way too many of them is that there was always something wrong within their pages.  (And my parents were told that, because the books had earned these accolades, surely they must be 100% age-appropriate!)

Maybe it was just the specific Newbery-winning authors whose books kept showing up as assigned reading in my grade school days, or maybe the people over at the Newbery Awards judging panel tend to turn a blind eye to kids’ books containing “cuss” words, sexual innuendo, and sometimes worse (mind you, said offensive material tended to have no plot-related place in the story, and it was always the same sort of things that would get a kid sent to detention if they said aloud in class) but I can speak with experience that just because a book has been awarded a Newbery Honor Award or Medal, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually appropriate for its intended audience.

With Clare Vanderpool’s Moon Over Manifest, though, I’ll admit I was very impressed.  The narrator, a tween named Abilene Tucker, is sent away to live in a small town called Manifest, Kansas, the sort of town where everyone knows everyone and word travels fast.  There, her father has friends, like the town’s pastor, an unlikely fellow for the job named Shady Howard.

This move is especially difficult for Abilene because she has a very close relationship with her father, her only living family member.  Despite this closeness, she doesn’t actually know much about her father’s past.  To paraphrase Donna Noble once said in Doctor Who, he talks so much, but he doesn’t actually say anything about himself. Continue reading “Rant on Newbery Awards + Review: Moon Over Manifext

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Figgies Take the TARDIS

An unfinished work featuring the Figgies, the Third Doctor, the Brigadier, and Sarah Jane.

Figgies Take the TARDIS

(by Allison Rose)

Chapter One

“Where’s the Doctor?”  Cece Ryder asked incredulously, looking around the TARDIS control room uncertainly.  That tweed-wearing, flippy-haired, bowtie-adoring Time Lord whom she’d been accompanying for the last few months was nowhere to be seen.

“I don’t know,” Emii Wells replied.  “He hadn’t mentioned anything about going anywhere yesterday.”

Skye Falconer eyed the dashboard mischievously.  “Do you suppose he’s hiding in there?”  She was dying to crack it open and see what was hiding inside.

“Yeah!”  Tyler Jonesmith agreed, reading her thoughts almost exactly.  “I’m dying to crack it open and see what’s hiding inside!”

Emii, and Cece shook their heads vehemently.  The last time someone had tried to do that, the results had been disastrous.  Or so the Doctor in question claimed.

“Look,” Hannah suggested diplomatically, “I’m pretty sure he just went out shopping with the rest of the gang.”

It did seem plausible; Grace, Scarlett, Emory, Hailey, Athena, and Claire had all gone out to the mall to hang out, buy nail polish and do other girly things (although Scarlett had probably gone to the hardware store instead).  Jack was meeting some friends of his, too.  Rhiannon, his daughter, was visiting Gwen Cooper and her family in Wales.  And the Doctor, as noted, wasn’t around for whatever reason, so, in conclusion, they were all alone in the TARDIS. Continue reading Figgies Take the TARDIS

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FITT Fan Universe Chronology

I often publish my already written Doctor Who stories out of chronological order (both in the order I wrote them and when they would have appeared in our fan-universe timeline), and with the arrival of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, the existence of my Little Doctor character was put into some minor jeopardy. Would we simply have an alternate timeline spawn from some point in the Eleventh Doctor’s history, or should I take heroic measures to create some breathing space for both the “new Doctor” and my Doctor to coexist peacefully?

The Doctor is such a chicken peaceful person, he wouldn’t even destroy the Daleks when he had the chance(s) to. All the more so, surely he wouldn’t want to temporally eliminate a version of his future self!

Thus, I have made an effort to try and justify the Doctors’ (plural) existences at once so that my fan universe flows harmoniously within the official canon. (The only flaw in my reasoning now is, how will the Doctor eventually manage more than twelve regenerations? I’m sure Steven Moffat will figure that out. 😉 )

Please note that I have included some of my FITT friends’ stories in this list, and will hopefully add more at a later point. FITT friends, if I’ve made an error in the chronological placement of your story, feel free to let me know. 🙂

Series 1-4:

Adventures with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

Approximately in-between Series 6 and 7.5:

Adventures that take place presumably during the Ponds’ hiatus, where the Doctor left them to their normal lives for extended periods of time.  These stories feature the “founding mothers” of FITT and some of their friends.

Post-Series 7.5:

Adventures taking place after the Pond-Williamses are lost, but before the Doctor meets the real Clara Oswald.  These stories would feature some newer Figgie friends, such as Scarlett, Tyler, Emii, Hailey, and Micah.

Indefinitely Far Future, Post-Capaldi:

Adventures featuring the Little Doctor and just about all of the Figgies, all of whom are regulars.

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The sequel to “The Little Doctor.”  As noted in my previous post on the subject of “The Little Doctor,” some minor changes have been made to his story.

The Doctor took one last look at himself in the shop mirror before bringing himself to the self-checkout counter with his newly-acquired goods: children’s clothes. He had plenty of experience in the field of regenerating, but twelve occasions had not prepared him for this body.

He was a child! Well, he was ginger, but he was now so easily confused for approximately one thousandth of his age! How would his friends believe him now?

Clara would probably embrace the opportunity of babysitting yet another young charge. The Doctor could already imagine the sight of burnt souffles and boiled baby carrots every supper in the name of nutrition. (It is one thing to tarnish the name of the Doctor, but nutrition?) She may not have been as impossible as he’d once believed, but having to deal with her now seemed all the more so.

He would just have to find another companion, he told himself as he left the shop. (He eyed the shop window dummies skeptically. One couldn’t be too careful around those things anymore. Especially because two of them were dressed like a Roman and a policewoman respectively.) Continue reading ““Reunion””

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Revised: “The Little Doctor”

Please note that this is a semi-revised version of my Doctor Who fanfic. The Doctor here is now nine thousand years old, as opposed to nine hundred (which would be canonically incorrect). This cuts me plenty of slack between when Matt Smith became Peter Capaldi and when the Doctor eventually regenerates into this young man portrayed here. (I’m confidant that Mr. Moffat will figure out a way for the Doctor to have infinite regenerations at some point in the future.)

Usually, after I regenerate, I tend to act all mad and silly, but this time, I bawled my eyes out like a little kid.

Really, a few factors contributed to this. For starters, the TARDIS seemed so much bigger than I remembered it to be. The ceiling looked taller and scarier, as though it might snatch me up off my feet if I looked up at its centre.

Also, when I started to walk, my trousers were way too long for me, so I tripped and fell and scraped my knee. That was what really did me in. Continue reading “Revised: “The Little Doctor””

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Jump for Joy! Sherlock has been Freed!

The following excerpt is from the New York Times:

December 27, 2013, 10:16 am

Sherlock Holmes Is in the Public Domain, American Judge Rules


In the more than 125 years since he first appeared, Sherlock Holmes has popped up everywhere from fan fiction set in outer space to screen adaptations like CBS’s “Elementary,” set in contemporary Manhattan. But now, following a legal ruling, the deerstalker-wearing detective is headed to another destination: the public domain.

A federal judge has issued a declarative judgment stating that Holmes, Watson, 221B Baker Street, the dastardly Professor Moriarty and other elements included in the 50 Holmes works that Arthur Conan Doyle published before Jan. 1, 1923, are no longer covered by United States copyright law, and can therefore be freely used by others without paying any licensing fee to the writer’s estate.

Read all about it here!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that this ruling has been made.  Now, if I please, I have the freedom to write and publish my own Sherlock Holmes stories without a single objection!

Sherlock and I are very happy right now.
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Grammer nazism?

This is a re-post of an old article I wrote on an older blog.  Readers beware.  It contains profound notions, rant material, and a pinch of immaturity.  I’ve edited it a little, just for the sake of strengthening my points.

The grammar nazi logo.

Some terms that people use out here on the worldwide web really irk me.  For example “food porn.”  I’m not going to make a big fuss if someone uses that term (at most, I might stop visiting your cooking blog,) but it does strike me as a little … disturbing.   In the writing world, however, it’s become a bit of a trend for strict grammarians to call themselves “grammar nazis.” And, to further emphasize this trend, a lot of these people proudly sport this logo too.

Someone please explain to me why any sane person would want to parody such a disgustingly hateful symbol like the swastika! Continue reading “Grammer nazism?”