The title is pretty self-explanatory.


(by Allison Rose)

Pippin stared out over the edge of the building and gulped audibly.  You can do it, Pip!  he could hear his best friend, Merry Brandybuck, whispering encouragingly in his head.  But he could also hear Gandalf saying, You’re a fool, Peregrine Took, which didn’t really help matters much.

The New York City skyline looked like he could reach out and touch it, but alas, it was just an optical illusion.  One unprepared step over the edge meant certain death — to any ordinary hobbit, that is.  On that day he’d wandered into the zoo and picked open that cage with the pretty blue spider, Pippin’s life had changed forever.

Forcing down his fears, Pippin held out his hands and let the filmy white thread zap out and grasp the top of a distant skyscraper tautly.  It was strong enough to hold any man’s weight, which meant Pippin was all set and ready to go!


Down below, a crowd of people gathered in the city streets to watch the spectacle going on above their heads: a little man in a bright red and blue costume glided through the air, holding tightly onto strong white cords that seemed to right out of his wrists.  Could it be?  Could it really be–

“SPIDERMAN!!!”  a girl shrieked, right as the unidentified high-flyer in question soared only inches above her head.

“No, no, I’m not,” a distinctly Tookish accented voice replied from beneath the expressionless mask.  “I’m Spiderhobbit!

As if to prove his point, Spiderhobbit overestimated his leap and flew straight into the side of a building.  The last thing Peregrin Took remembered before the blackness overcame him was a large, bearded man on horseback charging down the street, irritably calling out his name, and some nerdy guy with big glasses standing over him, chuckling.

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