What is a Prude to Do?

Yes, I made this.


I might as well come out and say it.  I’m prudish and very proud of it.  I don’t like exposing myself to materials containing inappropriate content.  I don’t listen to most modern music, I don’t watch movies rated PG-13 or more unless there’s a good reason, and I especially, especially, especially do not read books with excessive vulgar language or sexual content.

But as a young person who isn’t a wee bairn anymore, it isn’t easy finding reading material that holds my interest. 😦

Adult fiction is, well, adult, and kids’ fiction is getting to be too … kiddie for me to follow.  And teen fiction can be very iffy territory to traverse through.  There are just too many teen books with admittedly intriguing storylines, only to be spoiled by sex scenes or crass speech that really didn’t have to be there.  Just like I really don’t care to spend my brain cells on the childish outlooks of kids’ fiction protagonists — many of which I once shared and now cringe at because, like any kid at that age, I was quite naive — I don’t want to spend them on dirty stuff.

So what is a prude to do in situations like this?

Now’s where I say, “Join me on my search for good books, movies, music, and other media which prudish people can enjoy” in a dramatic voice:  Join me on my search for good books, movies, music, and other media which prudish people can enjoy.  If I find a book, movie, or other medium I particularly like, I’ll let you know about it in future posts.  (Chances are I’m not going to talk about movies much — I’ll leave that to IMDB.)

If you have any recommendations for books, especially, please feel free to leave them in the comments below and maybe, if I can get my hands on it, I’ll let you know what I think.

PS. That Prudish Pride badge is designed by me, and you may display it on your blog as well if you wish, so long as you credit me.  May those of you who credit me as such be blessed with a lifetime supply of cookies and a long, happy life. ^_^

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