Potential Rewrite: Dinosaurs on a TARDIS

Credit to “Medieval Muse” on DeviantArt.

Last summer, I watched the first three Jurassic Park movies.  In between doing (what I’m told were annoying) Jeff Goldblum impressions and obtaining Jurassic Park III, it occurred to me that the pterodactyls never did have an adequate amount of screen-time in either Jurassic Park or The Lost World.  They were explored in just about every other legitimate/presumably canonical JP-related medium (like what I believe may be the most entertaining way to waste one dollar) but, as I was yet to discover, only had their big break in Jurassic Park III.

But, as noted, I didn’t know that yet.

I suppose I was somewhat inspired by the Doctor Who episode “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.”  Coming up with the reason why the dinosaurs were even on a spaceship to begin with, I figured — with a bit of a Jurassic Park/The Fly twist — would be an interesting storyline to pursue.

My first draft for Dinosaurs on a TARDIS was actually featured in one of Figment’s weekly newsletters, which brings me a lot of joy.  Coincidentally, though, the week this had occurred was the same week I’d decided the story needed revising.  I’d spent way too many chapters cracking inside jokes about the JP characters instead of moving the plot forward.

I hope to share the beginnings of a revised story at some point with my viewers here.  Stay tuned!

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