FITT Fan Universe Chronology

I often publish my already written Doctor Who stories out of chronological order (both in the order I wrote them and when they would have appeared in our fan-universe timeline), and with the arrival of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, the existence of my Little Doctor character was put into some minor jeopardy. Would we simply have an alternate timeline spawn from some point in the Eleventh Doctor’s history, or should I take heroic measures to create some breathing space for both the “new Doctor” and my Doctor to coexist peacefully?

The Doctor is such a chicken peaceful person, he wouldn’t even destroy the Daleks when he had the chance(s) to. All the more so, surely he wouldn’t want to temporally eliminate a version of his future self!

Thus, I have made an effort to try and justify the Doctors’ (plural) existences at once so that my fan universe flows harmoniously within the official canon. (The only flaw in my reasoning now is, how will the Doctor eventually manage more than twelve regenerations? I’m sure Steven Moffat will figure that out. 😉 )

Please note that I have included some of my FITT friends’ stories in this list, and will hopefully add more at a later point. FITT friends, if I’ve made an error in the chronological placement of your story, feel free to let me know. 🙂

Series 1-4:

Adventures with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.

Approximately in-between Series 6 and 7.5:

Adventures that take place presumably during the Ponds’ hiatus, where the Doctor left them to their normal lives for extended periods of time.  These stories feature the “founding mothers” of FITT and some of their friends.

Post-Series 7.5:

Adventures taking place after the Pond-Williamses are lost, but before the Doctor meets the real Clara Oswald.  These stories would feature some newer Figgie friends, such as Scarlett, Tyler, Emii, Hailey, and Micah.

Indefinitely Far Future, Post-Capaldi:

Adventures featuring the Little Doctor and just about all of the Figgies, all of whom are regulars.

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