Word Counts and Novelettes

For the last week, I've been working on another story.  It's not my usual fare, since a) it's original (AKA not a fanfiction :P) and b) it's one of those contemporary fictions for middle-grade readers about a girl who finds herself, but with a mystery twist. At this point in this work's progression, my word … Continue reading Word Counts and Novelettes


Boredom and Busyness*

(*I have to spell the latter word with a Y, or it looks like the economic term referring to that thing people are part of to make money.) Alas, it's that point in my blogging career where I've run out of things to post and/or write about and the blog lapses in and out of … Continue reading Boredom and Busyness*

Commas Save Lives!

See? It is in situations like these where commas are not only important to writing with clarity and coherency, but one's life.  Or the presumption that one is still alive, like Ms. Ray's family and dog.