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Word Counts and Novelettes

For the last week, I’ve been working on another story.  It’s not my usual fare, since a) it’s original (AKA not a fanfiction :P) and b) it’s one of those contemporary fictions for middle-grade readers about a girl who finds herself, but with a mystery twist.

At this point in this work’s progression, my word count is roughly 7,700 and I have roughly 40 statement-sized pages in my word processor.  The problem is, I’m also fast-approaching the falling action point of the plot.  Isn’t that cutting it a bit too short?

Today, I did a little bit of research on the ideal length of a published book.  According to Lee Masterson, who published an article on this subject here for the Fiction Factor webzine, full-length novels tend to be between 50,000 -110,000 words.  Consistent with what I’ve seen, according to another article on the Fiction Factor site, middle-grade fiction (with the exception of books like Harry Potter or Inkheart) tends to be between 100-150 pages (note that I’m expressing the count in a different unit of measure, pages vs. words).

So yes indeed, my work is too short to be considered a “real” novel.  To make matters worse, it’s also too short to be a novella, which tends to be between 20,000 and 50,000 words.  And don’t you think it’s pretty insulting to call that which I’ve slaved away on for a little over week and have divided into decently-sized chapters a mere short story??? Continue reading “Word Counts and Novelettes”

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Boredom and Busyness*

(*I have to spell the latter word with a Y, or it looks like the economic term referring to that thing people are part of to make money.)

Alas, it’s that point in my blogging career where I’ve run out of things to post and/or write about and the blog lapses in and out of a dreamless, wordless virtual coma.  I hate when that happens. Continue reading “Boredom and Busyness*”