Boredom and Busyness*

(*I have to spell the latter word with a Y, or it looks like the economic term referring to that thing people are part of to make money.)

Alas, it’s that point in my blogging career where I’ve run out of things to post and/or write about and the blog lapses in and out of a dreamless, wordless virtual coma.  I hate when that happens.

This time, though, I think I can pinpoint the reason: I’m just too busy, too bored, and too overwhelmed with non-exciting (AKA boring) things to use my brain for blogging about my writings.  I could rant about a lot of things, but I’m not the type of person who uses a blog to rant, chronicle my personal life, or do both at once by ranting about my personal life.  I’m smarter than that … I think.

“Time is the new preciousssss?!”

I recently tried my hand at writing another Doctor Who/Figgies in the TARDIS piece, but I wrote it in a fit (no pun intended) of over-enthusiasm, and I need to think the idea out a bit more clearly before I put the whole thing out on paper.  Otherwise, I’m just wasting everybody’s time, and why waste something so limited and precious?  The good news is, my fans have been outspoken in their encouragement, and it’s encouragement enough to know that I have fans at all besides the ones that propel air in my face in the late spring and summer!

Rest assured, I am working on writing something despite life’s lemons keeping me very, very busy.  My progress is slow but steady, and I am very committed to it.

My writing and motivation to write goes through creative highs and lows.  I find that in the summer, my creativity tends to be at a high point.  Most of the stories I’ve re-posted here were written either at intervals where my academic schedule was permitting (like when I was taking an actual course in Creative Writing, wherein I was required to write) or when I had no academic schedule at all – namely the summertime.

At this point, I think we’ll all have to wait until the summertime before I release any brand-new material.  I’ve shared just about all of the stories I’m comfortable displaying, although I am taking requests. 😉

On Figment, I didn’t post stories on any fixed timely basis.  I just posted them as I completed them or at least enough of them to be tangible. Since this blog was intended to serve the same purpose, I don’t think it matter if I won’t posted any new materials for some time.

If you’re looking for something to read, feel free to read any of the materials I have already posted. 🙂

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