From Michael Gunter: Author’s Curse

This is from my fellow writer Michael Gunter; I couldn’t have expressed this thought better myself. As a longtime sufferer of the Sandpaper Curse, I’ve gone through plenty of my old writings and cringed enough times – reading this was such a comfort!

Michael Gunter's Tales of Today and of Yesterday

One of the nastier afflictions that haunts writers (and I mean ALL types of writers, not just writers of fiction) is the Sandpaper Curse.  I call it that because woodworkers (of which I am one) know this same curse, in regards to polishing.

Now, all sanding is a form of polishing, the use of grit to grind down a surface smoother than it was before.  A woodworker starts out with a sandpaper a little smoother than the surface of the wood.  When the wood is as smooth as the sandpaper, the artisan chooses a slightly finer grade of paper, moving on down until the wood is as smooth as he wishes it to be.

For a man building a yard-chair or a garden cart or a rustic chest, the final smoothness may be just enough that there are no rough surfaces or splinters.  If he is building an item of…

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