Excerpt: Secrets in Seaport

The following is an excerpt of my novelette, Secrets in Seaport, which I wrote of earlier.  At this point, I’m feeling pretty confident with how it’s turning out, so I’m sharing a little something here on the blog.

This is probably going to sound stupid, but I’ve attached the story as images so nobody can easily cut ‘n’ paste the text.  This story’s going to be up for sale someday, so the last thing I need is for some wicked individual to beat me to that.

For those of you on mobile devices, I’d recommend “tapping” on the images individually and view them in full-size.  You’ll have to move around the screen to read a single line, but it should work.

Alternatively, you can just wait to buy the book, or get on a normal computer. 😉


SeaportExcerpt-page-002 SeaportExcerpt-page-003 SeaportExcerpt-page-005


Please stay tuned following this presentation for more previews and blog posts about Secrets in Seaport.  No Barney home videos will be shown, though.

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