Some Unusual Metaphors + Writer’s Prompt #6

(At least, I think they're metaphors.  Metaphors include similes.  I'm probably wrong.) These are some rather humorous phrases I've seen floating around the web.  Many of them are so full on non-sequitors that any moderately sane writer wouldn't apply; and, as a result, are just downright hilarious to read.  I'll admit I'd love to use … Continue reading Some Unusual Metaphors + Writer’s Prompt #6


Writing Goals (for Now)

I've published a book and released it to the public for the first time, but is that an excuse to sit back and be lazy this summer?  In the immortal words of Luke Skywalker.... You said it, kid.  I'm Allison the Writer, after all.  How could I not write? I mentioned some time before in … Continue reading Writing Goals (for Now)