Kindle Worlds – Sounds Cool

I’ve been meaning to write about Kindle Worlds for awhile.  When this service was released about a year ago, I was super-excited.  It’s a publishing platform for various fanfictions (the different fandoms are referred to as “worlds”) that lets you publish your fanfics as real eBooks and actually make some money out of the deal.

I think this is great because the fanfiction genre has become so popular over the years.  Okay, so with a few exceptions, most of the fanfics I’ve seen were written by lovesick teenage girls who needed an outlet for wish-fulfillment, but you’d be surprised at the amount of intelligent, coherent, and tangible works there are out there in the fanfic genre Some works actually get a lot of readership but, from a professional/career perspective, get a writer next to nowhere.  People who write fanfic and pretty much only fanfic (which, in my opinion, is an impractical career path) were eternally doomed to hobby-writing….

…Until Kindle Worlds came along, and a select few fanfiction writers can actually make some money out of their stories!

Now, Kindle Worlds has its limits, like the specific “Worlds” you get to write in.  Right now, they have a handful of stuff I haven’t really heard of, and the ones I have heard of, I don’t really care for.  Like, I wouldn’t be caught dead writing Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars fanfics.  But G.I. Joe is a pretty recent addition to the worlds, (and among the typical criteria in the content guidelines is “The character, Snake Eyes, shall never be depicted or described as a fan of the New York Yankees,”) but it still isn’t something I’m all that familiar with.  It’s a start, though, and Kindle Worlds is always adding new options for fanfic writers to take advantage of and enjoy.

And now here’s a list of “Worlds” I would love to see available in the near future:

  • Doctor Who (of course 😉 )
  • Star Wars (considering that I’d love to be able to write stories within that crusty old fossil of an alternate timeline, AKA the Legends)
  • The Wild, Wild West
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Nancy Drew
  • Indiana Jones
  • Rick Brant Science-Adventure Stories
  • Star Trek

I would also ask for Sherlock Holmes, except that Sherlock has been freed and is now in the Public Domain.  I can go publish derivative works of Sherlock Holmes on my own on my own anyhow.

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