Spindrift and Seaport

Thanks to my grandparents, I grew up reading the Rick Brant Science Adventure series.  It could probably be considered a contemporary of The Hardy Boys or Tom Swift, and was published by the same people, to my understanding.  I really enjoyed the clever combination of multiple captivating genres.  The science/technology factor was more realistic than what you’d find in a Tom Swift story, and there was always a generous dose of mystery and adventure.  I always felt special having these books when most of my contemporaries knew only of Nancy Drew and sometimes The Hardy Boys.  Nancy Drew is a great feminine role model, and The Hardy Boys are pretty cool too, but in my humble opinion, Rick Brant is way, way cooler.

In the series, Rick Brant and his “pal” Scotty live with a their family and a team of scientists on an island called Spindrift, which is said to be off the coast of New Jersey.  Many of their adventures take place in that general area, if not in exotic locations around the world like Tibet and Egypt.

In hindsight, when I create fictitious “real world” locations, I realize they always tend to be small little islands on the East Coast, just like Spindrift. I could always cook up an excuse about how the place where my characters lived was actually a teeny, tiny island that most cartographers don’t even show on maps because it’s so darn small.  That’s why you never see it in real life, but believe you me, it’s there. 😉

Needless to say, I definitely had Spindrift and its the nearby, fictitious seaside locales in mind when I created the location in the eponymous Secrets in Seaport.

So is Seaport an island?  Could be.  I’m not sure.  It would have to be a lot bigger than Spindrift, that’s for sure.  It’s probably more like that sort of place that Rick and Scotty would visit near the island.  But is there another island near Seaport?  That’s for another story….


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