Allison the … Narrator?

Today, I was reading a children’s book out loud for the fun of it.  The book was Be a Perfect Person in Three Days by Stephen Manes.  It chronicles the misadventure of a young boy named Milo Crinkley, who discovers a book of the same name as Manes’ book in his library and reads it in an attempt to perfect himself.  This fictional book within the real book, penned by an unusual fellow named Dr. K. Pinkerton Silverfish, presents some highly unusual challenges for the aspiring perfectionist, including wearing a broccoli around one’s neck and going without food for exactly twenty-four hours.  Hilarity ensues.

Weighing in a seventy-six pages, Be a Perfect Person was a nice, quick read.  I ended up doing a wide array of voices for the character dialogue at the request of my “audience.”  That array included making Milo’s dad talk like Biff Tannen, Milo’s mom talk like a Vala from Stargate, and Dr. Silverfish like Mike Nesmith.  (Don’t ask and please don’t judge!)  Apparently, I did a good job with the  voices.  The important thing is that it was effectively entertaining to my “audience” — oh, and I had fun in the process too. 🙂

This got me thinking, what if I were to do an audiobook of my own story, where I narrated everything myself?  How hard could that possibly be?

Realistic answer: Complicated.  But probably doable, so long as you can get your hands on good audio editing and recording tools.

This article by author Karen Woodward gives some helpful links to resources for how to produce your own audiobook from home.  I’m going to brush up on some of the information there to get an impression of whether I’m up for the task.

The thing is, I’m really not sure how popular audiobooks are.  I hardly listen to them myself, but I know of people whose only way of getting into books is listening to audiobooks in the car.  I understand the pressing issue of being too busy to read.

But personally, if I could do it, I think recording an audiobook of my novelette book would be kind of fun.  It’s a project I wouldn’t mind undertaking at some point, especially if it would help more readers to access and (hopefully) enjoy my writings.

Let’s just hope I can do some decent voices. 😛

4 thoughts on “Allison the … Narrator?

      • Michael Gunter says:

        One of the better freeware recording tools is Audacity. Works well, you can stitch pieces together and manipulate them as needed. The other is “Anvil Studio”. Freeware music creator; if you want musical scores to punctuate chapters, etc.

        Good luck with this!


      • Allison the Writer says:

        Ah, yes, Audacity rocks. I think I’ve tinkered with Anvil Studio before, too. I would also consider using royalty-free stock music where applicable for background music, but it would be fun trying to compose my own….

        Thank you for your suggestions!


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