Young Writers Society = Awesome

Not too long ago, I discovered a site called Young Writers Society.  Run by a man named Nate and a doting team of moderators, it is a fantastic platform for teens to post and share their writings and grow as writers through peer review.  I’ve been a member there for a few months now, participated in some of the sitewide activities, and am really enjoying my time there.

One of the things I really like about this site is its content rating system for posted stories.  At the discretion of the writer, one is able to mark their writings in regards to the contents inside, as well as the age of the intended audience.  A story with language and violence suitable for (ideally) people over sixteen is clearly marked as such.  Same with a story with violence that is (ideally) only suitable for someone over twelve would be able to stomach, or a story with mature content suitable for people over eighteen.  A story intended for all ages is clearly marked as “E” for “Everyone,” like on a computer game — and fortunately, there are plenty of those. 🙂  Most of the time, I’m able to know what exactly I’m getting into content-wise when I start reading something there on account of this handy legend and there’s less of a risk of stumbling upon things I’d prefer not to see.

Overall, I’m really impressed by this site.  It’s run quite responsibly, the staff members are helpful and responsive, and the community is super-friendly.  If you’re a young writer who’s serious about honing your skill and you’re looking to interact with intelligent, likeminded individuals in the process, I really do recommend giving this site a try.


P.S. Have you seen this poster anywhere?

I may not  be Allison the Chaotician, Allison the Juggler, or Allison the Time-Traveler, but in addition to being Allison the Writer, I’m now also Allison the Graphics Designer.   Feel free to print out the official promotional flyer for the Young Writers Society  and share it with your community.  It’ll help the YWS community grow and it would give me a lot of joy too. 🙂

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