Just showing some solidarity

I don't usually write poetry and I'm not all that good at it, but I think it's the least offensive and most concise way for me to express my feelings right now. Missing. Kidnapped. Murdered. Say it however you please. Hitchhikers. Teens. Boys. Three innocent, human lives lost. Dead. Victims. Martyrs. Somebody's son/friend/brother died last … Continue reading Just showing some solidarity


My Public Reading

Yesterday, I had the privilege of presenting my first public reading of Secrets in Seaport at my local library to help kick off their series of exciting summer events.  Not only was it my first time doing this sort of thing, it was also the first time I'd eaten a snow cone.  And believe me, … Continue reading My Public Reading


I opened the fridge this afternoon, looking for a tasty snack.  I found it, namely baby carrots and hummus (don't judge), but on the way, I noticed this tub of Earth Balance spread: First, the ALA is in charge of that awful Newbery medal.  Now, they're in charge of my Omega-3 intake? :O  Sheesh!   … Continue reading ALA


Check out the Chapter One conference for young writers, founded by fellow writer and blogger, Julia! She can use your help to promote this year’s event by putting up posters in your community! Read on for more information. 🙂

(This was posted at my own discretion; Ch1Con sounds like a lovely idea and I’m happy to help out. 😉 )

Chapter One Conference

Hey there! Do you know a school or library or bookstore (or other awesome place) that might be interested in putting up some Ch1Con flyers? Email us at chapteroneconference@aol.com and we’ll send you a copy! (And, of course, be eternally grateful.)


~Julia, founder

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