Writer’s Prompt #7 – The Prince and the Farmhand

Prompt – Take two characters from a story, (i.e. one you’ve read/watched or written yourself) and write a new piece in which their roles are switched.

I was watching Revenge of the Sith over the weekend, and a thought occurred to me: what if something changed, Luke had been adopted by Bail Organa of Alderaan, and Leia had been sent to live with Anakin’s step brother, Owen?  How might the classic trilogy have played out?

“I’m very glad I’m going to be a Jedi!”

In the same vein as the Infinities comics, just for laughs, I’m trying to write a “What-If?” story about just that.  (By the way, I only read one or two of said comics; I can’t vouch for how appropriate the series is on a whole.)  I mean, just try to picture it: what would Luke and Leia be like in these drastically different situations?  I personally picture “Prince Luke” looking like Little Lord Fauntleroy (think long, blond hair), with a bratty disposition.  Leia is a farm girl, content with her duties and not in the least bit wishing to leave them.  Which means, either Leia will have to somehow have a change of heart to get off Tatooine and play the hero role, or Luke will just have to learn to be cooler before this story is over. 😛

Of course, where will be some fixed points in the Star Wars timeline, no matter what happens to these characters: At least one of the Skywalker twins discovers their heritage and at least one of the twins eliminates the Dark Side and restores order to the galaxy.  Does that necessarily mean they have to kill Darth Vader, though…?  Yeah, probably.

In the Rebel Force and Last of the Jedi book series, it’s said that Ferus Olin, a surviving former-padawan turned politician, made it his responsibility to watch over Leia on Alderaan the way Obi-Wan watched over Luke on Tatooine in Star Wars canon.  He would probably play that same role if Luke was the prince of Alderaan, in place of Obi-Wan.  So in this story, I’d want to put him in there, too.  And he’s not going to be impressed by Luke.  Who would?  😉

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