Check out the Chapter One conference for young writers, founded by fellow writer and blogger, Julia! She can use your help to promote this year’s event by putting up posters in your community! Read on for more information. 🙂

(This was posted at my own discretion; Ch1Con sounds like a lovely idea and I’m happy to help out. 😉 )

Chapter One Conference

Hey there! Do you know a school or library or bookstore (or other awesome place) that might be interested in putting up some Ch1Con flyers? Email us at and we’ll send you a copy! (And, of course, be eternally grateful.)


~Julia, founder

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2 thoughts on “Flyers

  1. kirabauthor says:

    We at the Chapter One Young Writers Conference wanted to officially send you our thanks for helping to promote the conference this year through our blog tour. Ch1Con went off very well and was highly enjoyable. Your promotion was very helpful to us! We look forward to running next year’s conference, which we have so many exciting new ideas for.

    Again, thank you so much. Your support was invaluable!

    Kira Budge
    Aspiring Author and College Student
    Associate Online Administrator for Ch1Con


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