A Chocolate Book…?

First, I’ll just announce that the non-chocolate book is back in town. 😉  Now, I’ll actually write about things relevant to the subject line.

As a voracious reader, I’m quite familiar with the expression “devouring books.”  But I’ve never seen that taken literally until today.

Ann Reardon’s How to Cook That blog and YouTube channel are simply the coolest resources I’ve seen to date.  She made a giant Dalek cake some months ago, and, as a Whovian, my interest was piqued. 😀   Now, she’s (pun intended) published a video about my other interest, writing, about how to make a chocolate “book!”


So far, I’ve seen chocolate records (as in those things people used for audio before cassette tapes and CDs), chocolate plates, chocolate Twizzlers, chocolate candles, and chocolate soda.  But this is the first time I’ve seen a chocolate book.  Y’know, if I’m hungry enough, I just might make my next book in this medium — and everyone, even reluctant readers, will be able to devour it. 😀

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