One Name to Rule Them All

The other day, as a fun side project (AKA a distraction from AWTTU), I started expanding out the story scrap I call "Premonition."  I got pretty far with the narrative until I realized, when I got to a piece of dialogue where our narrator is addressed my name, I didn't even have a name for … Continue reading One Name to Rule Them All


Story scrap: “Premonition”

The other day, I decided to freewrite something.  The end product is a short piece that I suppose could be a prologue to a much longer sci-fi fantasy story.  I don't know how far I'd be able to take this one, since I'm not particularly good at fantasy stories.  I'm calling this one "Premonition," about … Continue reading Story scrap: “Premonition”

All Done!

I met my Camp NaNoWriMo goal about 35 minutes after I posted my last update.  Whew, what an experience! I think I'll do this again next year, maybe even twice in a row if my schedule permits.  Doing a NaNoWriMo of sorts in the spring and summer months is so much more convenient for my … Continue reading All Done!

Four Hundred Words to Go….

Well, 392 at my last count. That's how many words I've got left until I meet my 10,00o word goal for NaNoWriMo! When that's done, I think I really will take a break. And then it's back to my novel projects, Adventures with my Time-Traveling Uncle and maybe, just maybe,my spy story.

The Four Questions

Why is this post different from all other posts...? 😛 Today, I was invited by published author and blogger, Claire Banschbach, to answer four questions on writing and then invite three others to do the same.  Thank you so much, Claire, for this opportunity - I feel honored. 🙂  What am I working on? At … Continue reading The Four Questions