All Done!

I met my Camp NaNoWriMo goal about 35 minutes after I posted my last update.  Whew, what an experience!

I think I’ll do this again next year, maybe even twice in a row if my schedule permits.  Doing a NaNoWriMo of sorts in the spring and summer months is so much more convenient for my schedule, and I like how flexible the challenges are.  Instead of committing myself to writing 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) words in a month like I’d eventually have to do in “proper” NaNoWriMo once I graduate from the Young Writers’ Program, NaNo-ers young and old can set their goals to be between 10,000 and 100,000 (?) words – a much less daunting task for first-timers – without feeling too silly. 😀

I didn’t finish some of the short stories I started; if I got too overwhelmed, I’d press “CTRL+Enter” on my keyboard and start a new one on a fresh word processor page.  The last story I was working on before I met my goal was a Wild, Wild West story about Dr. Loveless and hot air balloons.  It’s begging for further additions and improvement (especially because I feel my portrayal of the title character, James West, is severely lacking in this story).  I do hope to add more to it, and maybe then, I’ll post it here for all to see (and laugh at).

Part of me wonders, should I up my goal to 15,000 words for an additional challenge, or should I get up from my writing desk (which, in no way, resembles a raven,) and enjoy this gorgeous summer weather a bit more?

2 thoughts on “All Done!

    • Allison the Writer says:

      Thank you! Haha, me too! But if I keep doing Camp NaNo and increase my goal by a couple of K each year, I might be in shape to do a whole 50K in a few Novembers. Alternatively, I could just jump right in THIS November and see how I do under that kind of pressure. 😀


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