Writing Goals: Status Update

In my earlier post, Writing Goals (for Now), I set some tentative goals for what writing-related activities I’d like to do:

Main goals:

  1. Work on a new full-length children’s novel I haven’t discussed before on this blog.  It may or may not involve spies.
  2. Research cool time periods in history for Adventures with My Time-Traveling Uncle.  (Currently considering: assassination of John Lennon in 1980, ancient Mayans, and the Boston Tea Party, and the French Revolution.)
  3. Lead a multiwriter story project for a Doctor Who fan group I administrate.

Side goals (aka the ones I don’t really know if I’m going to do at all):

  1. Edit Secrets in Seaport one last time due to some minor typos that were brought to my attention only now.
  2. Make Secrets in Seaport available in eBook format(s).  (I’d make the aforementioned edits before doing so.)
  3. Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo.

Well, I did fix the minor typos in SIS that I intended (but then I found two more miniscule but, to me, glaring, errors *facepalm*).  Lesson learned: if I truly want to self-publish professional quality books, I really ought to invest in having a professional editor’s guidance for at least part of the way, because self-editing really isn’t my strength.

I also participated in Camp NaNoWriMo, and found it to be an enjoyable experience.  I was invited to join a wonderful “virtual” cabin with good company of both old and new friends, and we’ve been having  a grand, old time just hanging out, kvetching about our goals, and giving each other encouragement as we each work towards them.

With regards to my main goals, I am making some progress with Adventures with a Time-Traveling Uncle.  So far, Kimberly and Daniel are hanging out with the ancient Mayans, trying to find Uncle Jake.  I have a bit of a crazy idea for how they’re going to find him.  Mwahahaha!

To tell you the truth, most of what I know about the Mayans, I picked up while playing a Nancy Drew PC game, Secret of the Scarlet Hand.  I mean, I did learn about them in school, but they didn’t make it quite as interesting as Nancy does.  But here’s another idea – maybe Jake will upset the sitting Mayan king and get locked away in a monolith or something.  Kimberly and Daniel will have to save him!

Well, that’s where I am so far.  Have a great weekend, folks!

P.S. This blog was originally to showcase a lot of my old writings.  I still do post new materials from time to time, but I realize I post more about my writing process than post the actual fruits of my writing labors….

4 thoughts on “Writing Goals: Status Update

  1. Michael Gunter says:

    If I may make a suggestion on that research? In researching ancient peoples, discount anything that you’ve heard it before. The majority of easily found “history” is often “retro-actively modified revisionist history”, written to prove the author’s point. Do your best to find stuff that is contrary to popular belief and then compare the two. See which of the two makes the most sense when they are side by side. (it’s usually also the more interesting)

    I’m dying to see AWATTU. It sounds awesome!


    • Allison the Writer says:

      Thanks for your suggestion! I suppose it did come across like I was relying solely on a videogame for my information. I’ll be honest, I have my doubts about the version of history we’re being taught in school. There’s always a slant to the way the info is conveyed. But don’t worry, I definitely plan on doing my research properly. 😉 One area of history where I know I’ll have a lot of fun is the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette. Popular belief is that she was this selfish, arrogant aristocrat who didn’t give a hoot about her subjects’ welfare and felt, if they had no bread to eat, they should “eat cake.” And 95% of that, from what I’ve found, is utter nonsense…. But that’s for another story, I think. 😀


      • Michael Gunter says:

        Oh, I didn’t think that’s how you came across. Many people aren’t familiar with the Mayans, not just you.
        I love history, so I was just giving you some tips on researching it. 🙂 And yes, the majority of history textbooks found in modern schools ARE decidedly slanted.


      • Allison the Writer says:

        Yes, not many are. Maybe that explains why my research hasn’t come up with the most promising results. Either that or I need to use better keywords. 😛

        History rules – real history, that is. 😉


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