One Name to Rule Them All

The other day, as a fun side project (AKA a distraction from AWTTU), I started expanding out the story scrap I call “Premonition.”  I got pretty far with the narrative until I realized, when I got to a piece of dialogue where our narrator is addressed my name, I didn’t even have a name for her.

At first, I chose Holly;  then, Julia; then Illana; then Olivia.  Also, I was considering Amy, but because I just so happen to have another character in the story named Rory, I’m a little bit hesitant about that one.  Wouldn’t want to get into trouble with the BBC over that!  (Amy Pond and Rory Williams are two characters from the British serial Doctor Who, for all non-Whovians out there who wanted to know what I was referencing.)

I’m don’t usually pick unusual-sounding names with special, plot-relevant meanings.  That sort of thing really doesn’t matter to me.  I prefer “ordinary” names that have a certain ring to them (no pun intended, honest!).  I do like the names I’ve come up with so far – they all do have that ring to them – but I can’t decide on which one name rules them all. 😉

*In Dora the Explorer’s voice* I need your help!  Can you help me choose a name for my character?

I suppose I ought to give some background information for the character, although at this stage of development, these details are wishy-washy-er than good ol’ Charlie Brown and highly subject to change.  That might help in determining a name that really, truly fits her character….

My character is approximately fifteen years old.  She recently lost her mother in a fatal car accident.  She’s been trying to suppress her emotions, not wanting to wallow in depression and despair, but can’t simply “move on” from the experience just yet either.  As a result, she’s somewhat apathetic and reserved, but she’ll eventually come out of her shell and rekindle her adventurous spirit.  She is also frightened by her bizarre, supernatural ability to foresee the future, but over time, she will learn to use her ability to help others and, in the process, help herself.  The events of my story will (hopefully) shape her into a more confident person.

Thanks in advance for your help, dear readers! 🙂

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