Word Goals + Handy Progress Meter Tool

I know, the quality of a good story isn't solely dependent on length, but I find it's nice to have a general idea of how long I want my books to be.  During Camp NaNoWriMo, it was nice being able to track my progress towards achieving my writing goals with a handy little "progress bar," … Continue reading Word Goals + Handy Progress Meter Tool


A Hyman Kaplan Fanfic Excerpt and One Lengthy Introduction

One of the books I inherited from my grandmother's personal library was The Return of Hyman Kaplan by Leo Rosten.  It is the sequel to the infamous Education of Hyman Kaplan, which Rosten penned under the sagely-sounding pseudonym, Leonard Q. Ross.  I read them both, out of order, and enjoyed them immensely.  The Hyman Kaplan … Continue reading A Hyman Kaplan Fanfic Excerpt and One Lengthy Introduction

Wordy Wednesday: Muffins Don’t Fly (Guest Post)

Check out my guest post on Julia the Writer Girl’s blog! My short story, “Muffins Don’t Fly,” can now be read there. 🙂 Thanks so much, Julia, for this opportunity!

Julia blogs about her experiences as a (formerly) teenage writer, featuring posts that take us behind the scenes of her writing process and, most recently, a chronicle of her recent trip to study abroad in England. Her posts are always full of inspiring anecdotes and good humor (I particularly enjoyed her posts on regionalisms and no longer being a teen writer). I hope you’ll check her blog out, if you haven’t already, because it’s awesome!

Julia the Writer Girl

I’m currently on vacation in Europe with la familia, so this week’s Wordy Wednesday is coming at’cha from super awesome guest writer Allison Rose!

Allison Rose has been writing seriously since the age of ten.  Since then, she has penned a handful of short stories; some longer, still unpublished works; and a variety of fanfictions. When she’s not writing stories, she’s reading them.

Aside from the time she cared for her grandmother’s cat, who loved cream cheese, dusty shelves, and scratching innocent people, Allison has owned no pets.  But she does have a blog, (as blogs are much easier to maintain,) which she invites you to check out at: http://www.allisonthewriter.wordpress.com.

And now, I have the honor of sharing Allison’s hilarious short story “Muffins Don’t Fly.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Muffins don’t fly, right? I mean, they’re food. You eat them. A muffin…

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More from Premonition and a Name for my Protagonist + AWTTU Updates

Here's another scene from that story scrap I've been expanding upon for the last couple of days:  An elderly couple I don't recognize is walking down a mildly busy street.  The woman is wearing a bracelet around her wrist; she fiddles anxiously with the assorted baubles hanging from the golden chain.  Her purse is tucked … Continue reading More from Premonition and a Name for my Protagonist + AWTTU Updates