More from Premonition and a Name for my Protagonist + AWTTU Updates

Here’s another scene from that story scrap I’ve been expanding upon for the last couple of days:

 An elderly couple I don’t recognize is walking down a mildly busy street.  The woman is wearing a bracelet around her wrist; she fiddles anxiously with the assorted baubles hanging from the golden chain.  Her purse is tucked under one arm.  The man swings his arms casually when he walks, as though he hasn’t a care in the world, but the ashen look on his face suggests otherwise.  There’s something on his mind.

 The woman turns to him and opens her mouth to speak.  I don’t hear the words.  I rarely do in these visions.

 My perspective changes to the pavement a few feet behind the couple.  A boy in a ragged hoodie and tattered jeans races down the sidewalk, glancing furtively over his shoulder every few seconds.  He’s in a hurry; he isn’t about to stop for some slow-moving old people.

 He barges right into them and keeps running.  There’s now a small, white rectangular object sticking out of his pants pocket, too.

 It takes a moment, but the woman reaches into her own pocket and realizes something’s missing.  I can imagine the sound of her startled cry as she points in the boy’s direction.

 But it’s too late.  The thief is already lost to them.

 The old lady’s face turns as white as the plastic of her stolen pocketbook.  She crumples to the ground, unconscious.


So far, I’ve made about 2,500 words words of progress with this project.  I’m currently trying to find a good closer for the most recent chapter and debating with my inner critic whether or not to include a flashback scene.  And, eventually, I’ll have to work in some explanations to how our protagonist’s powers work and when she first discovered them without making it all sound like an info-dump.

And speaking of our protagonist, I have a name for her based on the results of last week’s poll: Julia!


As for Adventures with my Time-Traveling Uncle, I’ve started revising bits and pieces from Chapters Two and Three to see if I can get the story to flow better that way.  (You can view the previous version of Chapter Three on Young Writer’s Society.  I just might revert back to it, but I’m going to consider other directions to take it first.)

To be honest, I’m noticing that my motivation for AWTTU is waning a little, hence my procrastination levels are going up big-time with the project. 😛  I can either wait for more inspiration before I write more, or I can force myself and produce something that’s as much of a labor of love as some awful math homework.  But I’m not about to give up.  Some stories — a lot of things — take time, more time than expected/preferred/others.  Instead of getting impatient about it, like a math teacher does if a student didn’t turn in their homework on time (no particular student in mind), I should just go with the flow.


Well, that’s all that’s going on in my writing life right now. 🙂

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