Word Goals + Handy Progress Meter Tool

I know, the quality of a good story isn’t solely dependent on length, but I find it’s nice to have a general idea of how long I want my books to be.  During Camp NaNoWriMo, it was nice being able to track my progress towards achieving my writing goals with a handy little “progress bar,” especially once I’d passed the halfway point and on my way to the finish line!

I did a quick websearch for a “word goal counter progress bar widget” and came across this neat resource: a Word Meter Builder from Critique Circle.  You can embed this widget onto your site with some HTML code that they give you, and it’s straightforward enough that even an HTML ignoramus such as myself can get into the code and edit it as my word counts increase (and decrease).

Now, if you’ll look to the sidebar of this blog (if you’re viewing the Desktop version, that is), you’ll see three little word meters for my current major works in progress: Premonition (which has become my current pet project), Adventures with my Time-Traveling Uncle, and Elite Falcons: Hunted.

Mind you, those word goals are really just general, “at the very least,” sort of values.  I know my current story-writing capabilities, and I’m not going to resort to canned fillers to “puff up” a work to novel-length if it ends up being shorter than I expected.  And that happens pretty often! 😀

Well, that’s that.  Readers, I hope you’ll enjoy this new peek into my writing process. 🙂

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