NaNoWriMo’14 Day 9 – Prewriting

It’s so convenient to look at today’s date and immediately know how many days into NaNoWriMo you are so you can title your post properly (and vice-versa).

Yesterday, I took a Day of Rest from writing my novel.  I relaxed, read Pride and Prejudice (the romantic element is horribly dull, but the historical element is cool, and I like how Elizabeth keeps finding “civil,” “ladylike” ways to insult Mr. Darcy), and watched the season finale of Doctor Who (where I realized only now how much I liked the character Osgood).  Pretty much, I didn’t write a word.

My NaNo Stats told me that if I kept at making consistent good progress, I would be done by November 13.  I think my Day of Rest has thrown that off, which means I ought to make up for lost time today … but not much.  I think if I take every Saturday off for the rest of the month, I’ll still finish before November 30th.

So off I go to turn on some oldies music (for the most part, the stuff’s way cleaner than the modern variety) and get writing!

….And I’ll marvel at those talented people who are already close to 50K….!

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