NaNoWriMo’14 Day 10 – Double Post

Mwahahahaha!  It was apparently Double Up Day in NaNoWriMo proper on Saturday, where NaNo-ers were encouraged to double their word goals, which I think is insane.  But instead, today, I shall post doubly on the occasion of NaNoWriMo.

If my principal were Principal Strickland from a certain 1980s movie I would recommend content-filtering before watching, he’d be telling me, “You’re a slacker, Rose!”  I wrote a meager total of 161 words today.  Talk about making up for lost time!

But considering how I’m only 1612 words short of my slacker-ish goal, I really needn’t sweat it.  I’ll push myself a little harder tomorrow.

I realize these every-other-daily updates are becoming posts where I just babble.  Why don’t I just document the important milestones and leave the day-to-day musings to more exciting people? 😛

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