Serial: Twicebound

Check out the first installment of Michael Gunter’s new serial, ‘Twicebound!’

Michael is an excellent writer and frequent visitor of this blog. I hope you enjoy his latest work as much as I am. 🙂

Michael Gunter's Tales of Today and of Yesterday

You know that old saying “No news is good news”?  Well, as far as this blog is concerned, it’s not true.  Since I blog about what I’ve written, no new blogs means no new (or very little new) writing.  Not good, since there’s been a severe dearth of new posts recently.  There’s a whole slew of reasons for that, but I won’t get into all that.  I’d like to, but I won’t.

Instead, you’re going to hear about my new idea.  Writing a few paragraphs at a time isn’t stuff worthy of blogging about, especially if those lines are spread out over multiple stories. I need something to kick me into writing gear, something that will interest you, as well.  My regular stories take quite a while to get to you, so the obvious solution to keeping your attention is to write a serial.  To be published once weekly.  That…

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