“It’s a Long Story”

In which Allison likens a Doctor Who episode to her writing process.


Allison Rose … and the Island of Two Eyes

Michael Gunter shares his thoughts on my latest writing endeavor in this post. 🙂

Michael Gunter's Tales of Today and of Yesterday

Some of you know Allison Rose.  She’s a fellow writer, of many genres and a great sense of humor.  She’s also done a guest post on my blog.

Sunday, she started a serial story (funny how that seems to be going around).

1418607890The title, Flora Dennis and the Isle of Two Eyes, gives a pretty good idea as to what general type of story it is, but the jury is still out as to exactly which genre it fits (maybe Ms. Rose could tell you).  There’s not enough of it yet for me to really say what the plot-line actually is, but it caught my attention with the style.

How often do you pick up a book that looks interesting, but obviously takes itself so seriously that it’s painful?  Sure, epic fantasy or gritty detective stories can pull “serious” off, but most other genres need a lighter touch.  Most…

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Preview: WIP X-Men Fanfiction

At full height, she barely reached Logan's shoulder, which meant she was still pretty short. Her dark hair flowed freely down to her waist. He could also see tiny letters stitched onto the breast pocket of her black jumpsuit. X-23, HYDRA. Logan had his answer now, and he didn't like it one bit.