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Flora Dennis and the Island of Two Eyes

The first installment of Flora Dennis and the Island of Two Eyes is out now, at Poets Cove!

Here’s an excerpt (just be forewarned, my “voice” for this story is shamelessly wordy):

  Uncle Petrie’s house was decorated with the spoils of his many travels: feline statuettes from Egypt, a gold mask from Genghis Khan’s fabled lost city, African tribal drums, a fragile paper fan from Japan….  Name a place, he’s been there, and usually has a gripping story to go with it.
 I was used to his long leaves of absence, oftentimes during those weeks I was to be home from school, but, as my guardian until I turn twenty-one (in a good seven years, mind you), he rarely disappeared without a written explanation.
 Which was why I was perturbed to find the house devoid of his presence when I arrived at the start of the summer holiday.

I intend for this to be a monthly serial, but knowing my tendency to fall into horrible writer’s block, we’ll just have to wait and see. 😉



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