Q&A Session #1

You guys asked some awesome questions - I hope you'll find my answers just as awesome! 🙂 My Writing Routine Ms. Evelyn Krieger said she would like to know about my writing routine.  (Pardon me while I stop hyperventilating about being asked a question by a real, live, published author!!!!) My routine starts off with … Continue reading Q&A Session #1


TCWT Blog Chain: Friendship in Fiction

Julia shares a really interesting perspective on the portrayal of ordinary friendships in fiction. Romantic relationships aren’t the only relationships a fictional character can have. 🙂

Julia the Writer Girl

The prompt for this month’s Teens Can Write, Too! blog chain is:

“What is something you feel is generally written well in fiction? What is something you feel is generally written poorly?” 

I’m going to focus on something that I think is generally written poorly: People whose lives aren’t defined by romance.

I get it. We all love the attractive love interest. Being in love is beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with writing romance.

But I hate this idea we seem to have fallen into that our stories need it in order to be good.

Relationships can be meaningful without including sexual tension. Look at our day-to-day lives. How many of us have a boyfriend in high school versus how many of us have a best friend? And while, yes, even us eternally single people probably lust after someone once in a while, the people who are truly important in our…

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It's 2015 and I'm floating in a sea of so-so story beginnings, some publishable if combined with good middles and endings; others, shamelessly candid and absurd fanfics.  I've also got a new update to Flora Dennis in the works, which Lisa and I will eventually work on formatting together (she's been great with helping me … Continue reading Q&A?