“Jenny” – a Flash Fiction

Happy New Year, everyone!  (As usual, I’m a bit late in wishing people things.)  Let me tell you, I’ve always wanted to write a Doctor Who fanfiction about Jenny (the Doctor’s daughter) and a certain hit song by Tommy Tutone.  Well, here’s a little something I wrote in literally three minutes.  (This one’s for the Figgies in the TARDIS. ūüėČ )

¬†“I don’t know, you guys,” said Grace uncertainly as Cece and Emii reached for the TARDIS’ telephone.

¬†“Oh, come on, Grace,” Emii chided. ¬†“Haven’t you ever wanted to know who’s at that number?”

¬†Cece and Emii sang out the numbers as they dialed, which only made Grace roll her eyes. ¬†“Eight-six-seven-five-three-oh-niiiine!

 The two mischief-makers waited anxiously for the call to complete as dialed.  Finally, somebody picked up.

¬†“Hello, Dad!” ¬†a cheery voice that sounded like a cross between Peter Davison and Sandra Dickinson sang out from the other side. ¬†“I thought I recognized your number on the caller ID! ¬†What a pleasant surprise. ¬†I thought you’d never call!”

 Cece nearly dropped the phone.  Emmi caught it and pressed the receiver to her ear.

¬†“Hello?”  the cheery voice persisted. ¬†“Anybody there? ¬†Oh, I know, you must be breathless from all the running you do with that Donna woman. ¬†I’ll just wait for you, ‘kay?”

¬†Cece cleared her throat. ¬†“Er, sorry … wrong number,” she stammered hurriedly. ¬†Then, she hung up.

¬†Grace eyed the two younger girls curiously. ¬†“Well, that was odd.”

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