It’s 2015 and I’m floating in a sea of so-so story beginnings, some publishable if combined with good middles and endings; others, shamelessly candid and absurd fanfics.  I’ve also got a new update to Flora Dennis in the works, which Lisa and I will eventually work on formatting together (she’s been great with helping me format it for optimal viewing on her site), but otherwise … I haven’t got very much new material to post here.  (Let’s face it, as we get older, workloads get heavier.  At least I was able to publish a book while in my teens.  I may have that bragging right, but it may take awhile before I can share a good full-length novel with the world.)

But anyway, to make things more interesting and interactive here on the blog, I had two ideas.

1) Every-so-often-ly Q&A sessions:
If you have any questions for me about writing or reading, leave ’em in a comment and I’ll try to answer a few of them at once in a blog post.  (Think ‘Arglefumph Talk’ in text format.)

2) Suggest topics to write about.
Is there something you’d like me to write about here?  Let me know in a comment. 

As a rule of thumb, questions and topics must be G-rated and should be relevant to writing and reading … although I might consider devoting a post or two to mundane subject matters like fandoms, movies, music, etc.  (For example, “What are your thoughts on the latest season of Doctor Who?”)  But no groupie fanpersoning allowed.  (I happen to dread watching videos of the Beatles performing live because your grandmothers were making a dreadful racket over the music.)

Well, that said, ask away!

4 thoughts on “Q&A?

  1. Lars says:

    Ooh, a wealth of opportunities here… First question of mine then is: How many books did you work on before you got out Secrets in Seaport?


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