Flora Dennis and the Island of Two Eyes: Chapter Two

Gee, that’s one long title….

Well, anyway, I’m pleased to announce that the next part of Flora Dennis and the Island of Two Eyes is out now!


 Lord Daniel Valjean-Allerdyce was not only an Englishman, but, as his hyphenated name suggested, of French descent.  When we were escorted to his quarters by the guest house’s manager, Valjean-Allerdyce sat in a simple wooden chair, wearing an elegant velvet smoking jacket and puffing heavily on a pipe he held in a strong, weathered hand.  The finery of his ensemble contrasted greatly with the room’s furnishings, but he seemed almost oblivious to the fact.  Judging by his silvery hair and dark, lined features, he appeared to be about sixty years old.

 The manager, a small, balding man who sweated uncomfortably in his cheaply tailored suit and wire-rimmed glasses, introduced us hastily before creeping back to his station.

 Valjean-Allerdyce rose from his seat, standing well over six feet.  His steel-grey eyes examined us critically, as though he was looking for the most subtlest of imperfections within us.  Self-consciously, I felt inclined to button my cardigan a little higher to hide my rumpled blouse.  When his eyes settled upon the eldest of our party, Miss Anna Montvale, something in his expression changed almost imperceptibly. When he spoke, it was only to her.

 “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mademoiselle Montvale,” he said with a slightly patronizing tone to his voice.  “What, may I ask, brings you to my lodgings … and this infernal country?”

Read the rest at the Poets Cove!

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