Camp NaNoWriMo!!!!

So one thing I definitely need to do sometime very soon is go through the last few posts I threw together on a mobile device and fix the shameless typos….

But one thing I’ll be doing even sooner (because I feel like having skewed priorities right now) is getting the first words of my Camp NaNoWriMo novel down on virtual paper.  Becky and I are hoping to get started at the stroke of midnight and I know I’m psyched!

I discovered this fantastic widget for logging my Camp NaNoWriMo progress.  I’ve set up a profile that’s publicly available, so you guys can see the updates in real-time.  Check it out here!  (It won’t activate until April 1st, so if you don’t see anything yet, don’t worry.)

Well, I can’t wait to get started with this new project, because once I do, I’m never going to give it up! 😉


A Crazy Aspiration

If you think I shouldn’t do this, I strongly encourage you to attempt talking me out of this!

So, recently, one of my friends finished reading my novelette, Secrets in Seaport.  His feedback was, “It’s great, but this could’ve been longer.”  I gave him my usual response about not wanting to puff up my story with filler space, etc. etc., but subconsciously, this set the wheels in my head turning.

I got an idea in my head that someday, I might want to turn Secrets in Seaport into a full-length novel.  The late sir Terry Pratchett, of Discworld fame, published his first children’s book, The Carpet People, when he was a teenager.  Years later, he re-released the book as a commemorative edition with full-color illustrations and a revised text.  It was always a great story, but he used his experience as a much more, well, experienced author to enhance it further.

So yes, I’m thinking I should like to do that someday.   I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with SiS in its current stage, but I’m not saying there isn’t either.  (That’s the Sandpaper Curse-infected part of me talking.)  I just think that someday, it would be fitting to build up my first foray into self-publication into something better than it already is.  That day would be in the far future, of course, after I have a bit (make that a lot) more experience.  After all, I can’t just write a full-length novel and expect it to be any good in a few days, weeks, or months.

Flora Dennis, Chapter Three fragment

I was almost not going to post anything with regards to our friend Flora this month, because I didn’t meet my goal of finishing a whole chapter.  But at the encouragement of a dear friend and beta-reader, I figured I’d share the fragment of Chapter Three that I did manage to write…. 🙂

(This has not yet appeared on Lisa’s site – I’ll add it when the chapter is complete – so this is an Allison the Writer exclusive!) Continue reading →

Not limited to novels either :)

I had a blast participating in last month’s blog chain from Teens Can Write, Too (because it gave me something to blog about besides my boring personal life and cute animals).  This month, I and several other gifted youngsters are discussing this question:

“What are your thoughts on reading or writing books in non-novel formats? Are there any you’ve particularly enjoyed?” Continue reading →

Where’s Wall– I mean, Allison?

Yeah, I’ve been neglecting this blog again.

Between school, work (those are two words now), and other writing-but-not-blog-related hobbies, I’ve had little time to devote to this posting things. Unfortunately, hobby-writing has taken a back burner for me these last few months.

But as long as I’m here and actually writing something, I thought I’d drop a few status updates:

1) Camp NaNoWriMo

Although I feared I wouldn’t be able to make it this year, Camp NaNoWriMo is a go!  I’ve organized an awesome cabin, and in April, I’ll be co-writing a story with my friend Becky, author of The Story of ABBA for Young Readers.  It involves a fandom she knows way more about than I do, but there’s also mystery, humor, and references to people from Doctor Who, so I should be able to work within those parameters. 😀

Also, Becky’s been showing me some techniques for how to plan a story in advance in an organized fashion.  Believe it or not, I have a lot to learn!

Indiana Jones: I’m going after that truck. Sallah: How? Indiana Jones: I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go!

2: Flora Dennis and the Island of Two Eyes

I’ve written half a chapter this month … and I should ideally finish the other half before the month ends.  Despite how unmotivated a writer I’ve been recently, there’s no denying how much fun this project is!  (You can read what I have written so far here.)

3) Teens Can Write, Too!

I’m participating in this month’s TCWT blog chain, like I did last month, and I’m making the finishing touches to a post that’s due on the 20th of March.  Stay tuned…. 🙂

Why Aren’t We Reading As Much Anymore?

So true….

Teens Can Write, Too!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about excuses and procrastination. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am a world-class procrastinator. A lot of writers are, unfortunately. Even though we love writing with all our hearts- really, we do!- somehow we find ourselves avoiding writing and doing anything else instead. And we’ll come up with all sorts of excuses. I don’t have any time! I have writer’s block! Lots of great writers put off writing for months, probably!

We do the same thing with reading. Now, I don’t mean to be some crotchety old person yelling that technology is evil, because I am very much the opposite of that. But somehow I find myself spending more and more time scrolling through websites and less time reading books, short stories, and poems. I mean, it’d be one thing if I were reading e-books or using websites to find creative…

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