A Crazy Aspiration

If you think I shouldn’t do this, I strongly encourage you to attempt talking me out of this!

So, recently, one of my friends finished reading my novelette, Secrets in Seaport.  His feedback was, “It’s great, but this could’ve been longer.”  I gave him my usual response about not wanting to puff up my story with filler space, etc. etc., but subconsciously, this set the wheels in my head turning.

I got an idea in my head that someday, I might want to turn Secrets in Seaport into a full-length novel.  The late sir Terry Pratchett, of Discworld fame, published his first children’s book, The Carpet People, when he was a teenager.  Years later, he re-released the book as a commemorative edition with full-color illustrations and a revised text.  It was always a great story, but he used his experience as a much more, well, experienced author to enhance it further.

So yes, I’m thinking I should like to do that someday.   I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with SiS in its current stage, but I’m not saying there isn’t either.  (That’s the Sandpaper Curse-infected part of me talking.)  I just think that someday, it would be fitting to build up my first foray into self-publication into something better than it already is.  That day would be in the far future, of course, after I have a bit (make that a lot) more experience.  After all, I can’t just write a full-length novel and expect it to be any good in a few days, weeks, or months.

6 thoughts on “A Crazy Aspiration

  1. Kira Budge says:

    That sounds like a good idea to me!

    Hey, Allison, the Ch1Con team (for which I am an admin) is starting up a blog tour for the 2015 conference. You did a pingback for us last year and we wanted to offer you an official spot on the tour this year! If you’re interested, email me at kirabauthor@gmail.com for details.


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