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Blog Plans + CampNaNoWriMo Day 29

Camp-Winner-2015-Twitter-ProfileCurrent word count: 10,323/10,000 words!!!!

Becky and I did it … but we still have plenty more story to tell before we can write “The End.”  This has been so much fun, and it was probably the most fun, positive co-writing experiences I have had thus far.  I stayed committed and we were able to combine our unique writing strengths to make a beautiful end product (if I do say so myself).  Suffice to say, we had a blast.  And y’know what, I want to do it again in July.  Let’s just see if I have time.

That’s the other subject I wanted to talk about on the blog.  I really don’t have time or motivation to blog right now.  I haven’t read my WordPress Reader in quite some time (I have a lot of Twicebound to catch up on), and I feel a bit disappointed in myself that I haven’t been as connected with my this part of my writing hobby as I’d like.  But y’know, school, work, real-life, procrastination….  It’s all perfectly normal. Continue reading “Blog Plans + CampNaNoWriMo Day 29”

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Camp NaNoWriMo 2015, Day 2 + NaPoWriMo: i carnt spel!

Last Word Count: 2,280/10,000

My writing partner and I are making a very good team.  While I come up with zany Doctor Who references to work into our story (“They acted like a single man doing his shopping was the most unusual sight they’d ever witnessed, as though he was some two-hearted time-traveling alien from the far-reaches of the galaxy!”), and she corrects my spelling.  At midnight, Day 1, I was misspelling “sugar” as “suger.”  No joke.  My brain was probably telling me I needed some of that stuff I can’t manage to spell right if I expected to stay up any later working on our novel.  Let’s see how I do today, now that I’m writing at more earthly hours of the day.

Good news is, we got 2K words down over the course of twenty-four hours, and they actually tell a story that makes sense! 😛

In other news, I’m informally challenging myself to write thirty poems this month for NaPoWriMo, independent of Camp NaNoWriMo.  So far, so good.  Since my poetry tends to be cryptic and a little personal, I’m not sure I’ll be sharing much of it with the public, but at the end of the festivities, I’ll try to sort through whatever poems I’ve accumulated and see if any of it is worth sharing.  Stay tuned for that!