Blog Plans + CampNaNoWriMo Day 29

Camp-Winner-2015-Twitter-ProfileCurrent word count: 10,323/10,000 words!!!!

Becky and I did it … but we still have plenty more story to tell before we can write “The End.”  This has been so much fun, and it was probably the most fun, positive co-writing experiences I have had thus far.  I stayed committed and we were able to combine our unique writing strengths to make a beautiful end product (if I do say so myself).  Suffice to say, we had a blast.  And y’know what, I want to do it again in July.  Let’s just see if I have time.

That’s the other subject I wanted to talk about on the blog.  I really don’t have time or motivation to blog right now.  I haven’t read my WordPress Reader in quite some time (I have a lot of Twicebound to catch up on), and I feel a bit disappointed in myself that I haven’t been as connected with my this part of my writing hobby as I’d like.  But y’know, school, work, real-life, procrastination….  It’s all perfectly normal.

But here are some things that may or may not be happening in the far near future on this blog.

  1. Ch1Con Blog Tour – that one’s a definite.  I was invited by the fantastic Miss Kira Budge, and I will be participating with an interview of the staff members.  Stay tuned for that towards the end of May.
  2. Animorphs book reviews – I recently got back into this series, and I started watching the nineties TV show (starring young Shawn “Iceman” Ashmore and some of the more clever and entertaining special effects fails I’ve ever seen).  They’re both quite good, and the books hold my attention.  Would you be interested in hearing my thoughts on this book series?
  3. More Flora Dennis – Expect hope for new chapters to be written over the next two months before I go back into Camp NaNoWriMo frenzy!  I introduced a handful of new characters last time, and I have some ideas in mind about where they’re headed.
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Trek: Into Darkness reviews – I plan on seeing the next Avengers movie when it’s released in the US (IMDB is telling me good things about the content so far), and I have a very rough draft of a review of the second “Abrams-Trek” movie sitting in my Drafts folder.  (No, I can’t say I endorse that one.)
  5. PSA about British movies and IMDB – I want to get this one done in time for the Fourth of July, just because…. 😉
  6. Re-organizing the blog, appearance and category-wise.  It’s time for a change.
  7. And of course, more kvetching about how un-prudish the world is. 😉  And speaking of changes, I should also find some things to kvell about in the world, like how there is such a thing as “Clean New Adult Fiction” out there.  Beat that, Fifty Shades of Garbage!

That said, have a happy summer.  It’s closer than you think!

7 thoughts on “Blog Plans + CampNaNoWriMo Day 29

  1. Michael Gunter says:

    Nice job meeting your CaNaNoWriMo word-count!! Deadlines can be killers, eh?

    I’ve been checking your blog for a while now, wondering where you’d gotten to. Glad you’ll be back (regardless of when).

    And thanks for the TB link. 😀 That was good of you. 🙂


    • Allison the Writer says:

      Haha, yeah! Truth be told, my Klingon friend lent me a cloaking device and I got a bit carried away. All the posts I’d written in the last couple of weeks were invisible too, because I was still wearing it. What can I say? It protected me from these April showers and it was so comfortable!

      My pleasure! 🙂


  2. Lars says:

    Hey! Glad to be reading posts again!!
    Yes, I for one would be interested in the Animorphs review. I’ve seen ’em in our library and since I know our views on (garbage) in books are pretty much the same, a review would be helpful!
    Also, the Avengers review. We plan to go see it next week, and it’d be nice to have your opinion beforehand. Keep writing!


    • Allison the Writer says:

      Glad to be posting again! 🙂

      I just finished the first Animorphs book (they’re nice, fast-paced reads) and I’m preparing that review for Avengers as I write. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll get it out before you go to see the movie….


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