What I’m Reading – February 2016

I go to the library once or twice a month these days.  Here's what I borrowed, and my thoughts on each title.   Inheritance Cycle - Christopher Paolini:  I'm on book 3 of this four-part saga, and I must say, I'm super impressed.  Each book is jam packed with so much awesomeness.... The series follows … Continue reading What I’m Reading – February 2016


A Successor

Author's note: This is a modified version of a post I first drafted sometime early last year.  It's a bit choppy, but let's see how it flows. Sometimes an author passes on before a body of work is complete.  Fans of Game of Thrones fear that the elderly author, George R. R. Martin, may not … Continue reading A Successor

Wordy Wednesday: Writing When Busy

Julia the Writer Girl

I’m writing this post Tuesday night because tomorrow I have two classes, a writing workshop, a midterm exam, and I’m going to a certain Ch1Con keynote speaker‘s book signing an hour away. Sooo yeah. Time and I will be mutually exclusive on Wednesday.

ANYWAY, though, quick update on the past week: I got to see both Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Deadpool over the weekend, and they were both great. (I also reviewed Deadpoolhere.) For Galentine’s Day on Saturday, my roommates and I had friends over for waffles and a good time was had by all. Oh, and yesterday (Monday) I got the really amazing news that I GOT ACCEPTED EARLY ADMISSION TO THE COLUMBIA PUBLISHING COURSE UK.

Basically: I am going to be spending the month of September learning all about the British book publishing industry at Exeter College, Oxford University through Columbia University’s…

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Look who just appeared out of nowhere in your WordPress Reader.  Hello, hello again! *Crickets chirp* It's 2016, and I'm taking another stab at blogging.  Let's see how far I get at this. I have a couple of topics in mind to rant about, if I don't lose the motivation to do so, and I … Continue reading Boo!