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Star Wars: Rise of the Legion

The following comes from the Star Wars group-write I’m participating in, Star Wars: Episode LXXXIII: Rise of the Legion.  (I can’t even read Roman numerals that high … I learned numbers 1-10 from watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones, to be honest.)

Right now, what I write there is probably as close as I’m going to get to writing a serial story, so if you can tolerate melodramatic fanfiction, please enjoy. 😉  (I have some other stories I’ve been picking away at, but they’re nowhere near ready to be unveiled to the world.)

If you’d like me to post the rest of my episodes here, let me know.  They may need some contextualization, but I can probably figure something out.  To read the rest of the story and observe the other characters, click here.  (While I can guarantee that my posts will never venture beyond PG-rated content, I have no control over what my colleagues choose to write. So far, so good, though!) Continue reading “Star Wars: Rise of the Legion”

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A Great Disturbance in the Force

There was a great disturbance in the Force

It happened and I felt it

I felt like the lives of millions, trillions

Were snuffed out in one day


There was so much great potential

Characters that could have been

Stories that made you cry and won

The world’s collective heart


There was a great loss in the world

The loss of a creative spark

A genius that kept on going despite

Challenge, loss, and heartbreak


There once was a great writer

Who told stories so timeless and great

Who hid among big names and manuscripts

Whom we should remember all the same


Remembering a deceased writer whose works were an early influence.  Rest in peace, my writerly heroine.

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Awesome Doctor Who Prizes!

Author’s Note: I’m not being paid to write any of this stuff – I wrote this post entirely of my own volition.  All opinions expressed here are my own, and unlike many of my posts, fall under the nonfiction category. 😉

Last month, I entered in a Doctor Who-themed giveaway hosted by Lindalee Rose, junior reporter and resident Whovian at Beyond the Marquee.  Here are the awesome stuff I won: Continue reading “Awesome Doctor Who Prizes!”

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Behind the Scenes Blog Tag

916902673Nobody tagged me, but I found this on Miss Kira Brighton’s blog, and it sounded fun, so here I go!

​Is there a snack you like to eat while writing?

Growing up, we had a “no [crumbly] food outside the kitchen” rule, which I still follow in my own space.  Since orange juice isn’t crumbly, I usually just have a glass of that on hand and hope it won’t spill all over my precious technology.

Continue reading “Behind the Scenes Blog Tag”

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Review: The Many Lives of John Stone by Linda Buckley-Archer

Here’s the first book I finished as part of my March library haul.  The Many Lives of John Stone is written by Linda Buckey-Archer, of Gideon Trilogy fame.  Like Gideon before it, The Many Lives of John Stone is a historical fiction that draws heavily on French and British history.  Unlike Gideon, however, the time traveling in this story happens through the pages of ancient journals.  The story is told from multiple perspectives – two in the present day and one in 17th Century France.

In the 21st Century, seventeen year old Stella “Spark” Park meets an eccentric and mysterious middle-aged philanthropist named John Stone.  For some reason, they are drawn to each other; John Stone offers Spark a job at his estate, Stowney House.  She’ll sort through his collection of journals, which, mysteriously, date back to the 1600s. Continue reading “Review: The Many Lives of John Stone by Linda Buckley-Archer”