Awesome Doctor Who Prizes!

Author’s Note: I’m not being paid to write any of this stuff – I wrote this post entirely of my own volition.  All opinions expressed here are my own, and unlike many of my posts, fall under the nonfiction category. 😉

Last month, I entered in a Doctor Who-themed giveaway hosted by Lindalee Rose, junior reporter and resident Whovian at Beyond the Marquee.  Here are the awesome stuff I won:

Geometric TARDIS T-shirt from Her Universe


Photo credit: Her Universe

You can’t believe how excited I was when I learned that Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) of Star Wars: Clone Wars fame had founded a company devoted to feminine fan merchandise. Let’s face it – most of the cool geeky T-shirts only come in men’s sizes. 😛


The shirt I received is made of 100% cotton, and it’s soooo soft and comfortable.  I also love that it has a crew-neck!  Most of the feminine fandom shirts I’ve seen at the local department stores are unnecessarily flashy, with unflatteringly-placed graphics, and plunging V-necklines.  All I wanted is a regular geek T-shirt, just like the guys, but in my size.  And now, I finally have one!

This shirt sells for $20 at Her Universe’s official online store.  According to Her Universe’s sizing charts, the T-shirt I received is women’s size large, but if we’re going by Walmart’s sizes, I’d say this is more of a women’s small-medium.


The TARDIS Beat from Devastator Press


Photo credit: Devastator Press

Covered with scandalous headlines like, “The Doctor says ‘No photos’ while on a date in a time vortex,” this is a parody of celebrity gossip magazines, featuring joke interviews, gossip, and lifestyle articles all about the galaxy’s most infamous celebrity Time Lord.  It’s funny, and I can appreciate the humor, but I think I will be giving this one away to some older, geekier friends of my family who’ll enjoy it even more.  This sensational issue of The TARDIS Beat will likely find a good home among their HUGE collection of vintage comic books, geeky memorabilia, and classic Doctor Who episodes. 🙂


To get one of your own, in print or eBook format, you can visit the Devastator Press’s website.


Lindalee’s Convention Badge Ribbons

I’m not much of a convention-goer, so I actually had no idea what these were, or how they’re supposed to work, until a friend educated me. 😀  They’re printed with Lindalee’s


This is why I’m an author, not a photographer, folks.

adorable catchphrases, “GIRLS ARE COOL” and “SEE ‘WHO’ NEXT TIME.”  When I go to my next convention, I’ll be so proud to wear them!


Personalized Autograph from Lindalee

Of all the wonderful prizes I received, I cherish this one the most. 🙂  Lindalee is such a talented young lady – if you love Doctor Who, her YouTube channel is for you!  Doctor Who is (no pun intended) a timeless fandom.  With gifted and precocious young fans like Lindalee leading the next generation of Whovians, I am confident that this show’s future is in excellent hands.

After I won, Beyond the Marquee’s prize team was incredibly responsive as we worked out how to send the prizes over to me.  They arrived so quickly (did the Doctor have anything to do with that?) and I’m just so impressed by BTM’s professionalism and genuine care for their fans – and fellow fans.

Many thanks to Beyond the Marquee for sending me these fantastic prizes!

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