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916902673Nobody tagged me, but I found this on Miss Kira Brighton’s blog, and it sounded fun, so here I go!

​Is there a snack you like to eat while writing?

Growing up, we had a “no [crumbly] food outside the kitchen” rule, which I still follow in my own space.  Since orange juice isn’t crumbly, I usually just have a glass of that on hand and hope it won’t spill all over my precious technology.

What time of day do you usually write?

Truthfully, some of my best writing has come to be in the late hours of the night.  I once stayed up until 3 AM writing a lengthy narrative from the perspective of a mad villain.  (I think the sleep-deprivation may have contributed some actual madness to my writing in general, that night. :D)  I have the sense to listen to my internal alarm clock when it tells me it’s time to wind down, so I don’t often get much writing done at this hour, but what does get done pleases me.

Where do you write?

Anywhere and everywhere I can get away with it.  I don’t have a specific writing routine these days, and inspiration hits me most unpredictably, so whenever I have a solid idea that needs jotting down, I’ll just sit down and do it.

How often do you write a new novel?

…Really?  I come up with beginnings to new novels fairly often.  I complete them only once in a blue moon. 😀

Do you listen to music while you write?

Yup!  I like having something catchy and gentle playing softly in the background while I work – pleasant background noise that I can pause at any time, if you will.

What’s your writing utensil? Paper or laptop?

LAPTOP!!!!  I can fit a lot more words on an 8.5″x11″ page if they’re typeset in size 12  Times New Roman than if I attempt to handwrite legibly in a 180 page college-ruled notebook.  Plus, I type much faster than I write.  I’ve also been known to write on my mobile device – it took a bit of practice, but about 45% of Secrets in Seaport v1 was written on one.

Do you have a special pre-writing ritual?

Warn everyone that I’ll be busy for the next few hours and can’t be disturbed unless there’s (Heaven forbid) an emergency.  Like that ever works, though!

What do you do to get into the writing mood?

I wish I knew!  I’d be a much more productive writer if I knew what triggered my writing mood.  I think getting a good night’s sleep helps.

What do you always have near the place you write?

A glass of water.  Oh, and – not by choice – tons of people who’ve decided they have to have my attention right now as opposed to all the time they had before I sat down to pour my heart and soul into a word processor doc.  (What can I say, folks?  Reverse psychology is a curious thing.)

Do you have a reward system for word counts?

Nah.  What truly counts is the content, not how many words I used to convey it.

Is there anything else about your writing process your readers don’t know?

I don’t think so – if you have any additional questions on the subject of writing, there’s a comment box below this post. 😉

Well, that was fun!  (Talking about one’s self generally is. :D)  I think I’m supposed to tag some other people now.  Here are other authors I’m friends or acquainted with, but if anyone wants to have a go at this, please feel free, and have fun!

5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Blog Tag

  1. Olivia-Savannah says:

    Thanks so much for tagging me! I love writing (as you probably know) and I like to write mostly with my laptop. But once I wrote a childrens novella completely by hand DD: First and last time 😛


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