Those Little Things – a little nonsense poem

We often forget about those little things in our lives, those tiny, seemingly insignificant things that give us enjoyment.   Trees of pine and a hint of sunshine. Oatmeal packets and tennis rackets. Butterfly wings and flowers in spring. The Traveling Wilburys and bumblebees. Doctor Who fans and frying pans. Windows, IBM, HP, and Dell. … Continue reading Those Little Things – a little nonsense poem


Being a Teen Is Not the End

From the archives of Teens Can Write, Too! I feel this post is an important and worthwhile read for all teen writers who are experiencing mid-teens-life crises. 😀

Teens Can Write, Too!

Update: 3/30/14

So, quite obviously, this is a teen writing blog. And by definition, that means I’m all, “Rah! Rah! Teen writers rock!” “Teen writers can get published!” “Teens can write, too!” (See what I did there?) I talk a lot about how teen writers, just like all other writers out there, are completely capable of securing a book deal, and often, as is the case with our teen author bookshelf, I highlight all of those who do.

But, here’s one thing I don’t often talk about: what if you don’t get published as a teen?

What if you work your heart out, write a great book, fully deserve to secure that book deal… and it just doesn’t fall through? Or what if you realize that you just need more time to improve your craft before you can get published? Or… what if it just doesn’t happen while you’re a teenager?

And I know this…

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Mysteries By The Sea

My friend and fellow author Claire Banschbach paid a quick visit to Seaport – here’s what she thought of it! 🙂 Thanks so much, Claire for your lovely review!!!

The Overactive Imagination


It’s not a day I usually post, but it’s for a great cause. Recently Allison of Allison the Writer and I discussed doing a book review exchange. Funny story, she’s actually one of the first people I started to follow with any dedication when I began my blogging endeavors two years ago. So, I was very excited to read her book, something that’s been on my list for awhile. 🙂 And here we go!

Secrets in Seaport

Everything turns topsy-turvy when artsy Aunt Melanie invites Abby and her family to her new home, a genuine but decrepit old mansion in a seaside ghost town called Seaport. There, Abby finds herself in an ocean of mysterious secrets. Why are Seaport’s few remaining denizens so protective of the mansion? Who has been stealing Melanie’s things? And what is Seaport’s mysterious other visitor up to? Find out in Allison Rose’s debut novelette…

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