20 Readerly Facts about Me

This post is inspired by Nathan Philbrick’s post of 30 book/reading-related facts about himself, from last month.

  1. My favorite place to read is by a window with lots of sunshine.
  2. If I stop at a chapter, I can safely close a book without marking its place and remember where I was next time I open it.
  3. Sometimes, I use (unused) tissues for bookmarks.  It helps to have those on hand if you’re an emotional reader. 😉
  4. Truthfully, I don’t cry over books.  When I read the tie-in novelization for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that just might change.
  5. My first proper chapter book was Nancy Drew: The Clue of the Dancing Puppet.  It remains my favorite volume from the classic series.  (My modern favorite is The Double Horror of Fenley Place.)
  6. I read most of the Star Trek film novelizations before I actually saw the movies.  The Search for Spock was way cooler in book-form, because the reader’s imagination can boldly go where the studio’s special effects budget did not.  Especially with the odd-numbered titles, don’t judge these books by their movies!
  7. I can’t stand reading books where the dialogue is purposely written in poor English – what’s even worse is when the entire book is written with poor English.  (I’m looking at you, Shiloh and Because of Winn-Dixie.)
  8. Everything I know about Roman Numerals, I learned from old-fashioned chapter books … and the Star Wars movies.
  9. My first exposure to Sherlock Holmes was the Great Illustrated Classics book, which was narrated in the third-person.  You can imagine how shocked I was when I discovered Watson’s the narrator in the original stories. 😀
  10. I can walk and read at the same time, but don’t recommend trying it at home!
  11. I was once on a forum where quoting The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman was totally banned (in fact, it was the only work with this status), because its contents offended the majority of its users at one point.
  12. First-person-present narratives where they suddenly start referencing the past really throw me off.
  13. My favorite horrible book-to-movie adaptation is the 1980s Bridge to TerabithiaHere‘s why.
  14. The first time I read The Fellowship of the Ring, I got the book with the movie tie-in cover.  Thanks to that, I confusedly pictured sixty-year-old Frodo Baggins as the youthful Elijah Wood.
  15. Once, I saw old seventies editions of the LOTR books, depicting an artist’s representations of the characters.  I couldn’t recognize anybody. 😀
  16. I once volunteered for a small library, where the books were mostly community donations.  My job was to organize the children’s shelves by alphabetical order.  The B’s section spanned most of the shelf, and consisted almost entirely of Judy Blume books.
  17. I prefer physical books over eBooks.  Sorry, trees.
  18. I think reading in the bathroom, or keeping books in there, is in poor taste.
  19. I once attempted to manually type up a vintage book from my collection in hopes of submitting it to Project Gutenberg.  I got about 6 pages in before I quit.
  20. My favorite series by Suzanne Collins is the Underland Chronicles.  It’s seriously amazing, and I think it’s better than the Hunger Games.  Forget Teams Gale and Peta, you guys – I’m on Team Crawlers!


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