Start and Stop – a poem

​Sometimes, it’s better to wait a while, let the raw emotions heal, before opening up about them.  I wrote this poem a few years ago, in the wake of a long and challenging experience.  Now, I can look back on those times with a clear head, and I think this is okay to share now.

You praise.
You flatter.
It doesn’t matter.
You made it clear.
You aren’t sincere.

So I stop.
You curse.
You wail.
You even stoop to blackmail.
You beg me to listen.
You beg for my help.
So I start.
And I stop again.
You plead.
You beg.
Yet you treat me like dregs.
You tell me you’re better off dead.
But I start.
And I stop.
And I start again.

We’re friends … right?
For your help, I ask.
You accept the task,
But you never follow through.

I give you time.
Time passes.
Nothing happens.
So I stop.
I stop for good.
I won’t start again.

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