Gifts for Writers

Every day is somebody’s birthday.  In fact, once every 365 days, I have a birthday too.  (You’ll still have to guess when it is, though.)  Chances are, today, a writer turned a year older, and nobody knew what to get them.  (We can’t help being eccentric people, and no thank you, we already have too many fancy pencils from the last five birthdays.)  Here are some gift-giving ideas for writers and readers alike, in hopes that tomorrow’s writerly birthday boy or girl will be more fortunate. 🙂

Classic Author Quotes Mugs – $15


Behind every successful writer are six piping hot cups of coffee (or, in my case, decaf green tea).  We writers hurt the environment enough as it is, what with all the trees we 81inwehyxxl-_sl1500_destroy to produce thousands of pages full of words we’ll eventually come to regret ever writing.  The least we can do is stop using disposable cups – go buy us one of these mugs, featuring quotes from  literary greats like Jane Austen and Edgar Allan Poe.  We’ll probably be too engrossed in our manuscripts notice, but the forest will thank you. 😉


Skip the Movie, Read the Book Tee – $6


The mantra by which plenty of readers and writers hold firmly by.  It’s only right to put it on a T-shirt, and a $6 one, at that!  Some of the other shirts offered by this site contain crude slogans.  If you’re going to look for other awesome deals you can snag for $6, please browse responsibly.


Composition … Leggings? – $16


Writers need to be comfortable to write well.  (Unless you’re Hemingway, who wrote some of his best words standing up.  That’s just weird.)  Nothing says comfortable like leggings, and it seems fitting (no pun intended) for a writer who wears them to wear a pair with composition book patterns all over.  If you’re making an author appearance, this would look really nice with a knee-length black dress, tunic, or baggy sweater to complete this bookish look. 🙂


Old Book Fragrance – $6-$25


Speaking of bookish, do you like the smell of old books?  Would you want to smell like an old book?  Well, now you can.  I’ll admit, I’m curious as to what this might smell like.  Since it’s specifically labeled as a cologne, this might be good gift for gentleman writers.  (But you know what?  Phooey on conventions, just this once – every writer wants to smell like an old book!  Am I right?)


Storybook Tea Set – $9-$29


Are you trying to get your writer friend to quit their caffeine addiction?  Try one of these storybook-themed teas.  It’s writerly, it tastes good in a mug, and it’s probably better for you in the long run, too.


As an old cowboy who lived in the city once said, there ya go!  (If you got that reference, you are really cool … or old … or both.)  A bunch of gifts that are within a realistic price range that writers actually want.  (At least, this writer does.)

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