Indie Reading List

Thanks to a new writerly friend, I recently discovered a cool website called BookBub, which is essentially a database of the latest limited-time eBook sales and freebies.  When I ventured onto the site last week, I discovered several interesting YA and middle-grade freebies, most of which appear to be from independent/self-published authors:

  • The Heiress of Covington Ranch – Tara Ellis (MG)
  • Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale) – Alexa Purdy (YA)
  • Island of Fog – Keith Robinson (MG)
  • Shirley Link and the Safe Case – Ben Zackheim (MG)
  • Town Secrets (Book of Adam) – Scott Gelowitz (MG)
  • The Mystery of Claw Mountain – Paul Moxham (MG)

I realize a lot of the MG titles are mystery stories which boast of being great for fans of Nancy Drew / The Hardy Boys.  I’m certainly not against that, but when you go around comparing your stories to something that’s established as super-awesome, you’re setting some high expectations from me as a reader and longtime fan of these old series.

I’m also in the process of reading and reviewing The Beauty Thief (YA) by indie author Rachael Ritchey.  Right now, my schedule is pretty packed with exam preparations and stuff, but I’m hoping to pick up the pace a little more once the term’s over.  I’m really enjoying it (the book, not school) so far!

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