The Young Writer’s Life According to Lucy

You have to do some digging, but once you find all the right GIFs, Lucy does a pretty good job at ‘splaining the trials and tribulations of a young writer.

You’ve sat down and bared your soul to the word processor.  Words are falling out like endless rain into a paper cup.



You take a break to reread everything you’ve just written, and you see that it is good.  Very good.  A real page turner, in fact.



And then the dreaded Writer’s Block kicks in.



…But you persevere.  Finally, you finish your first draft.



It’s totally ready to publish as-is, but for good measure, you show it to your friends and family.

Here’s how you handle the criticism on the outside.



How you handle the criticism on the inside.  Like, Allison, why ever would you back an RV into a circular driveway?



Well, phooey on them.  They’re just jealous that you’re good at writing and they’re not.



You look back a few years later at that old manuscript you wrote as a naive little kid.



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