Superman has died, they say But he'll be coming back someday Forget whatever has been said Coz Superman's not really dead   If you read a comic book You'll hear his words a-whispered A secret communion to believers While the world's dismissed the truth   They say Superman will fly again That everyone will be … Continue reading Superman



A few weeks ago, I thought of a silly comic strip, and my talented friend Hattable was kind enough to draw it for me! 🙂  It features an old-timey European conquistador, and a modern-day man about town, and how, you know, sometimes words have two meanings!


Sometimes I wonder, If we were still friends, Would things be different? Would things be better, For you and for me? Believe me, I feel it: A twinge of guilt, For that act of selfishness; For turning you away, When you least expected. But you know what? Time is an anesthetic, To numb the old … Continue reading Selfishness

Giveaway Has Ended

Thank you so much, Stephanie! I can’t wait to read and enjoy Vastian Lore when it arrives. 🙂


complete cover 2 Free Signed Copies!!

Hey there! The giveaway is now complete. Three of the five signed copies of Vastian Lore have been claimed. The winners are as follows:

  • Allison R
  • Sammi Cox
  • Rawls E

Thanks goes to all entrants and I will be sending out the novellas asap. 🙂

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